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The Magical World of 3D Printing – From Concept to Production in 17 days

Here at PPI, above all, we want to give you the best value for money, plus a really quick turnaround. This recent project demonstrates how 3D printing helps achieve this.

3D Printing makes it possible to quickly create custom injection moulds, therefore enabling production of low volumes of parts in the final production plastic. Machined tooling contributes to the majority of production costs for many small-run jobs. 3D printing reduces the cost of plastic cores, moulds, and tooling.

In collaboration with our client, the whole process (including design for manufacture) was achieved using 3D printed plastic mould tool inserts!

We created 12 injection moulded parts and from the concept of the project to its production, the process took just 17 days.

One set of inserts and parts are shown below:


3D Printing3D Printing











3D Printing



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